Are you tired all the time and blame it on everything around you?  Eat this and you will have energy and may even drop a few pounds.

I recently turned 50 and the energy seems to have gone out the window.  I've blamed lack of sleep and age for the decreased energy but I realized since turning 50, my eating habits have been, to say the least, poor.  My attitude about eating healthy changed, almost as though this age entitles one to eat whatever they desire.  After having this revelation, I've come to the conclusion that it may be lack of sleep obviously, but the main reason for fatigue may not be age at all, but more about the fuel I'm using to fill up the tank.

After combing the web,  I've discovered a few suggestions.  Keep in mind that low-carbohydrate diets spike energy in the beginning but deplete energy in the long haul.  And that all carbs aren't bad.  Sure, most sugars found in a candy bar may not be considered a good carbohydrate because it spikes blood sugar levels and energy, but the crash and burn after the initial boost is brutal.  Eat complex carbs instead, like whole grains, nuts, and carbs that contain fiber.

I found that WebMD had a really simple to understand explanation as to how the body uses certain foods for energy and what those foods are.  Foods to avoid and those you should consume to get energized.  Even though all foods aren't listed, you will understand more about your body to make better decisions when you get to the grocery isle.  Another thing to note is that you don't have to eat cardboard to gain energy and lose weight.

Just because you've turned a certain age, deal with the kids all day, have a stressful job, are a little overweight, etc., does not mean you have to sacrifice energy.

[Via:  WebMD]


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