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Man Sings During Prostate Exam
My father, uncle, and brother all survived bouts with prostate cancer. I've had several instances of prostatitis, dating back to my twenties. Prostate cancer is easily treatable, when detected early. The survival rate is over 90%, yet many men refuse to get tested.
Started Drinking Soda With Aspartame And Felt Depressed, Now I Know Why
I hardly ever drink soda of any kind, but recently started drinking a diet soda that I enjoy. After starting to drink this soda, sweetened with aspartame, and started to feel unhappy and depressed but didn't know why.  Not until someone mentioned to me that aspartame has been linked to dep…
Moobs And Other Worries
My wife often picks on me for taking too long to get ready, saying "I'm almost as bad as a woman." Turns out I'm not the only one! Yet another survey reveals that men suffer from anxiety over their appearance just like women do! Men interviewed  admitted to spen…
Incredible Innovation
The days of pricking fingers may eventually be a thing of the past with contact lens' that monitor blood sugar.  The internet mogul Google is spreading it's business wings and banking on technology that you can't see,
5 Foods You Must Avoid After 50
Debbie Ray and I have decided to try to eat healthier in 2014, and being over 50, I thought I'd share with you 5 foods you must avoid after 50.

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