UL Student Nurse Brittni Clements On How Cancer Changed Her Life
UL Student Brittni Clements, daughter of CJ Clements from 99.9 KTDY, will address via video, a group of nurses attending a banquet at Acadiana Center for the Arts tonight presented by Service Chevrolet. This will be the first time she talks about her life before, during and after being diagnosed wi…
Your Garbage Bags May Be Making You Sick
Garbage bags/liners are used in almost every household in America. They do a great job keeping your trash cans clean but did you know they could also be making you sick.
Vicks VapoRub To Get Rid Of A Bruise?
A few days ago, my ex-wife was telling me that her mother had a small mishap that caused her to have a pretty big bruise. What she put on that bruise, I had never heard of anyone doing.

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