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Do Fish Drink Water?
Do fish drink water? Obviously, humans have to, but what about fish? Fish live in water, but do they have to drink water as we do?
Are Black Cats Bad Luck?
Education is the best defense against many things, including racism, homophobia, poverty, fake news, and superstition. Pick up a book and put down the fear.

A Social Security Scam Is Going On In Acadiana
The Social Security Administration is warning citizens in the Acadiana area about a Social Security scam in progress now. Most scam calls are coming from (866) 705-8406 and (888) 485-9383 but could be coming from others as well.
Mysterious New Illness Strikes Vapers
A mysterious illness is impacting vapers and E-cigarette users across the country and the Louisiana Department of Health is warning medical professionals to keep an eye out for symptoms.

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