Temperatures are rising fast and soon the garage at your home will feel like an oven if it already doesn't.

That said, you must be aware of some things that should not be stored in your garage during summer.

I think we're all guilty of piling things up in our garage and you may have a few things in your garage that can be a hazard if exposed to extreme temperatures.

For starters, many of us have gasoline stored in our garage for the lawn mower, generator, or other machines. The garage is never a safe place to store gasoline and when you add extreme temperatures to your garage in the summer it becomes an even bigger hazard.

Gasoline near your home should always be stored in a well-ventilated area, that isn't exposed to temperatures that can ignite it.


Next, if you have any electronics in your garage it may be a good idea to have those removed and stored elsewhere during the summer. Heat can do extensive damage to electronics and if you hope to use them again, you may want to put your electronics in your house or somewhere cooler during the summer.

Like gasoline, you should never store propane bottles in your garage, especially during summertime. Propane tanks need to be kept in a well-vented area, like gas.

Another item so many of us store in the garage is paint. Well, extreme temperatures can alter the paint's formula so when you go to use it again, it may not match up to its original color. You want to store paint where it is cool so that it is not altered as temperatures begin to rise.

So, if you're using your garage as a storage area like so many do, you need to consider removing the things we noted here from the garage as summer approaches.

By relocating a few of these things you will keep your house safe from potential danger this summer, and may even save you some money.


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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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