It's hot in south Louisiana and if you notice a watermelon doing this you should get away from it immediately.

This summer has been brutal for all of us in Louisiana and now we can add watermelons to the list too.

Like you and me, at some point, they too reach their "breaking point" in the heat and you should take note of this.

A video on YouTube shows a foamy substance coming from the melon and that is because the watermelon is fermenting. This happens when the melon is exposed to above-average temperatures for a lengthy amount of time.

So what can happen if you notice a watermelon doing this? Well, the watermelon should be considered a ticking time bomb.

Yes, watermelons are apparently exploding this summer and this could lead to a serious mess for you and me.

Melons can explode if enough gas builds up in them from various forms of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella.

So, if you do purchase a watermelon this summer, you may want to consider putting it in the fridge immediately after purchasing it. Do not expose it to the extreme temperatures here in south Louisiana.

You've been warned and here's what to look out for if you have a watermelon out in the heat this summer.


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