How would you feel if you saw this at a grocery store in Lafayette?

A photo on social media recently caught my attention and it was of one of my favorite summer treats.

The photo that I am talking about is of a cubed-shaped watermelon. Yes, you read that correctly, someone has figured out how to manipulate the shape of watermelon.

Farmers in Japan have started to harvest and grow melons into tempered glass squares, thus forcing them to "come out" in the shape you see here.

While I think is cool, I don't know how difficult it may be to cut the melon in this shape. However, as some suggested on social media, melons in this cube shape would not be rolling all over the vehicle after you leave a store with them.

I do ask, how do you feel about watermelon in this shape? Would you be pleased with this or would you prefer its natural shape?

You can let us know in the comment section of the social media page that linked you to this story.

Coming from someone who once demanded watermelons from people in order for me to walk in a wedding as a child, I am more of the traditional shape guy on this one.

And yes, I received several melons upon my demand and I walked in the wedding.


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