A local restaurant is offering customers a discount after receiving much-needed support from the community.

A few days back the popular restaurant in Lafayette, La Pizzeria, posted a message on social media explaining that it needed the community's support to keep the doors open and the response has been amazing.

With that, the establishment's owners have decided to help other local restaurants by offering a discount on their orders if they can provide a receipt from any other local restaurant.

La Pizzeria, along with Mercy Kitchen and BJ's Pizza House in Lafayette, will give customers a 5% discount on their order when they provide a receipt from any other local restaurant.


The idea is to encourage the Lafayette community to support other local restaurants.

In the social media post by La Pizzeria, they say, 'We hope this encourages other locally owned restaurants to do the same. We look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with a Supporting Local discount."

A lot of small businesses are currently struggling these days because of the economy and inflation. Hence, we too encourage you to eat local and to shop local, and when you do, be sure to show your support at these participating restaurants to receive the discount.

We hope you'll share one story with others on your social media page to support those in our community working to keep their doors open.

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