Have you ever found something in your yard and asked, 'How did this get here?"

Well, if you have, you aren't alone because some are reproting that they have found spoons of sugar in their yard. So, why is it there, and what is the purpose of the sugar in the yard?

In most cases, the sugar, that is mixed with water, is often placed in the yard by someone who knows you, like a neighbor or family member.

You see, there is a movement across the country to "save the bees" and this is one way to facilitate what bees do for the ecosystem. Unlike when we were kids, you just don't see as many bees in yards and that is concerning.


Bees play a vital role in pollinating many of the world’s food plants, for both fruits and vegetables.  And without bees pollinating so many of the plants out there, we'd see an impact on our food supply and on the prices you pay at grocery stores.

So yes, bees are very important and we must find a way to keep them around and to provide for them, and that's where the sugar in your yard comes in.

According to a blog I read, sugar mixed with a small amount of water can be very beneficial for bees. It's just what they need to have the energy to pollinate flowers and to keep going, much like what you may see in hummingbird feeders.

If you're in your yard and you come across a spoon filled with sugar, chances are someone who lives near you understands the importance of bees to our food supply and they are doing their small part to give the bees the energy they may need to do their "work".

Providing bees with this quick "pick up" could also be a fun project for you and the kids this Spring in your yard. Put out a few spoons of sugar and water and let the kids see just how much the bees appreciate this "snack".


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