This was odd.

A Delta flight was delayed after a rather bizarre "collection" or 'swarm" was spotted on one of the wings of the plane.

The swarm spotted on the plane was BEES!

The plane with the bees on the wing was in Houston and was headed to Atlanta. Sadly, for the passengers, it took three hours for the airline to find a way to remove the bees from the exterior of the plane.

According to a number of reports, the airline tried a number of things to remove the bees, but ultimately they went on their way as soon as the pilot cranked the engines to the plane.

Passengers waiting to board the plane report that a Bee Keeper was called-in, but ultimately did not show up to remove the bees from the wing.

A passenger named Anjali was live Tweeting the whole time crews tried to remove the bees and one of the last Tweets was the best when she said:

 "They turn on the plane to move it out of the gate . . . and ALL THE BEES LEAVE.  Yes, all they had to do the whole time is turn on the plane's engine, and the bees would buzz off."

Here's a video from the tarmac as crews tried a few ways to remove the bees from the wing of the plane.


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