Springtime is here and many of you in Louisiana and Texas have entered the yard and gardens.

With that said, you need to keep a few things in mind as you clean flower beds and cut the grass in your yard.

As fulfilling as it may be to clean up the yard after winter, a few "surprises" may be lurking that can be a danger to you or your kids. The first thing you may think of is snakes and that is most certainly true.

Temperatures are warming up and snakes are on the move so you most certainly want to be aware of the threat while in the yard. Wasp is another thing you must look for as we enter warmer months.

They too are back and sometimes return with a vengeance and often show up in places you would least expect.

Now, let's get to this photo that you see here. A young man this photo on social media, has gone viral, and it shows a welp or sting on his neck. No, this was not a result of a wasp or bee stinging him, but most certainly was a sting.

What you see here is a result of a caterpillar stinging him and like waps and snakes, caterpillars are on the move too this Spring. I saw one recently and I used the moment to educate my kids on this potential danger.

Gregory Junior
Gregory Junior

The young man who posted this photo suspects that the caterpillar may have fallen out of a tree that he was under and it landed on his neck. In the viral social media post he admits that he was not aware of a caterpillar's ability to sting, but they do.

So, if you're going to be out in the yard, hiking, or even out on the water in the months ahead, be on the lookout and don't fall victim to the caterpillar.

Here are a few more photos of the young man's experience with a caterpillar and we hope that you never have to go through what he went through while working in the yard.

Here's a quick tutorial that you may want to keep in mind in the event you or your kids get stung by a caterpillar.


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