Don't put the gumbo pots or jackets away just yet if you're in the Deep South, one more cold front could bring frost to the area.

So many people are anxious for warmer days and Spring-Like days, but we may see one more cold front push further southward as Spring arrives.

Meteorologist Zack Fradella shared a graphic on social media and it indicates that cold air could be pushing further south in the very near future. Sure, we may not see snow with this front, but temperatures could drop low enough to blanket the area with its last frost of the winter.

And while many are excited to get into their gardens and flower beds as Spring approaches, it may be wise to hold off for a few weeks.


Last year I made the mistake of cutting my grass too short at the start of Spring and a late frost, like what we could see in the days ahead, damaged my lawn for weeks with "Root Rot."

We remind you, that long-range forecasts are not always 100 percent accurate, it is worth watching in the days ahead and you may want to hold off on spending a lot of money on flowers or vegetation.

Again, don't put away the gumbo pots just yet, you may have an "Excuse" to use them one more time before the temperatures rise in the Deep South.

For those who love winter, this graphic is for you and this may be the last bit of cold air in the region prior to Spring and Summer.

Zack Fradella
Zack Fradella


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