One thing folks in Louisiana love to debate on social media is school closures and here's one day to discuss.

Anytime a school district announces a closure, some on social media are quick to remind others that they endured the worst conditions and still attended school.

Well, I hate to bring it up, but I will ask, should Louisiana school districts consider closing on one particular day? And no, it has zero to do with weather conditions in the south.

This Spring, we will be fortunate enough to experience a total solar eclipse and it happens on April 8th.


According to an article that I came across, "The rare celestial event hasn’t occurred in the region since 1925 and scientists say it won’t happen again until 2144." Thus, this is a monumental day and kids should experience this and use it as an educational day.

Sadly, some schools here won't allow kids to witness the solar eclipse and this isn't the first time. Years ago I checked my son out of school after I learned that his school wouldn't allow them to witness the eclipse, and I wanted him to see it and learn what was happening.

The reason I ask if schools in Louisiana should close on April 8, 2024, is because some school districts in the country have already voted and decided to close schools on that specific date.


For example, some schools in New York, Ohio, Texas, and Buffalo will not open on April 8th when we witness this solar eclipse because they want students to witness it and some school districts are expecting traffic to be impacted for the viewing.

We should note here the maximum duration of totality anywhere along the eclipse path will be 4 minutes 28 seconds.

Again, I know that anytime we mention a school closure opinions are strong about it, but how would you feel if your child's school district decided to close on the day of this solar eclipse? Let us know in the comment section.

For a better understanding of the timing of the eclipse, check out the video below so that you can plan ahead if you're interested in this historical event.


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