Depression is a serious thing and too many people in Louisiana experience this every day.

So, what makes people depressed and lonely, well there are several factors and 24/7 Wall Street did some research and they identified the loneliest city in each state.

Like you, many are probably asking, what makes a city so lonely, and some of the contributing factors identified in the study such as the number of one-person households, how much of the adult population lives alone, and how many people ages 65 and above live alone.

Those who live alone may be new to the area, thus they have no one living with them, or worse they lost a loved one and are widowed.

Having moved to a new area a few times in my life for school, I can honestly say, it's not very fun to relocate and not know many people in the area. It can be very lonely.


Whatever the situation may be, living alone can really bring someone down and at times make them feel like there is no hope for a better life.

Something else 24/7 Wall Street took into consideration when studying markets to determine which city is the loneliest in each state was greetings. They reviewed how many times you may walk past someone and not receive a greeting.

So, what city is the loneliest in Louisiana? Well, that belongs to Shreveport-Bossier City.

Google Maps
Google Maps

At the time the study was conducted, in 2022, 34.2 of the population was made up of one-person households, and 13% of the population was 65+ years old living alone.

If you're curious, the loneliest city in Texas is Texarkana, not very far from Shreveport. Is it something about that part of the country?


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