A strong, but brief, cold front appears poised to sink temperatures around mid-week, leaving Acadiana residents looking for their coats and sweaters.

The brief cold snap is expected to roll in Monday night, bringing Tuesday's and Wednesday's highs down into the mid-60s. Overnight lows for both days are expected to dip into the upper 30s.


On Thursday, temperatures will creep back up into the 70s before returning to the lower 80s by Friday.

This is the second major cold front of the season, and coming in an October that has had slightly higher than average temperatures at times. On average, temperatures during the month range from the mid-70s to the lower 80s, but this month we've seen temperatures as high as 88 degrees at times.

And while this cold front may be brief, it is a sign that Fall is here.

Five day forecast, October 16, 2022. (Credit: KATC)
Five-day forecast, October 16, 2022. (Credit: KATC)

Tropical Update

Meanwhile, if you're wondering if any tropical activity might be on the way to mess with the delightful weather, there's good news there, too.

Currently, the National Hurricane Center is not projecting any tropical activity over the next 48 hours, as no systems are currently in development. A previous tropical system deep in the Atlantic looked as though it might head our way, but conditions over the water prevented it from turning into a bigger storm.

The hurricane season ends at the end of November.

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