We hope that you didn't put the gumbo pots away in south Louisiana.

Another strong cold front is on the way, and it should reach south Louisiana by the weekend.

If you're a fan of the cooler weather we have some exciting news to share with you, a strong cold front is pushing further southward and it will bring some of the coolest temperatures we've seen thus far in October.

While temperatures Sunday evening may drop into the lower 50s, the big news is what's to come Monday evening.


By then, we could see temperatures in Acadiana drop into the upper 40s. Again, if you've been waiting for fall, this is "music to your ears."

After all, we are coming off of a record-breaking summer in Louisiana, thus many of us are glad to welcome these cooler days and nights.

As for the highs to start the new week, we're looking at temperatures in the mid-to-lower 70s. So, get ready for some very pleasant days down south, and enjoy.

Again, you may want to take out your gumbo pots and/or fire pits to start the week and get ready for some cool weather in Acadiana.

We deserve every bit of cooler temperatures after the summer we just experienced.


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