They're out there.

A very evil looking caterpillar may be in your garden, but no worries, it's not dangerous.

The LSU AgCenter shared a photo of this caterpillar, which will ultimately become the Giant Swallowtail butterfly, and it looks like it could do you harm.

Surprisingly, this type of caterpillar is harmless and will not sting you, but it may do some damage to your citrus plants.

When the caterpillar feels threatened it will send up two red scent glands from its head, hence the name orange dog caterpillar. This is the caterpillar's only defense while out in the wild.

Just note that the orange dog caterpillar is out there as Spring ramps up, and soon it will turn into a beautiful Swallowtail butterfly.

If you happen to see one of these in your garden this Spring fear nothing and go on your way. It's just lingering around until it's time to transition into a beautiful specimen.


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