A sad story is coming out of Texas after police in Brownsville say a groomer punched a dog, and the dog died according to KVEO.

The details of the story are just sad. Officials with the Brownsville Police Department say the owner of a little Yorkie that went by the name, Sugar, was dropped off at the groomer's, Kanino Dog Grooming, on Christmas Eve.

The dog had a grooming appointment so that it would be ready for Christmas. The man left but was quickly called back to the business after he received a call saying his little dog fainted.

The owner of the dog returned to find out the dog was dead. At that point, the owner demanded to see the surveillance video of his dog's few minutes there. Once seeing the video he called the police.

Photo courtesy of Maria Tijerina via KVEO

Police officials say the video shows 39-year-old Benjamin Aguilar hitting the dog in the stomach. Police officials say Aguillar claimed he was trying to get the unruly do under control. Police add that you can see the man also grabbing the little female dog's neck.

Animal Control officials were called in to look at the surveillance video and according to Brownsville Police,

Upon review of the footage, Animal Control Officers concluded that Aguilar used excessive force while handling the victim's dog.

The man was arrested and booked on a charge of "cruelty to non-livestock animal resulting in death."

KVEO did reach out to the owners of the grooming place, but they did not respond.

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