Zola is a missing yorkie in Lafayette and her family is desperately trying to find her. Another family feels compelled to help them since they went throught the same thing with their yorkie, Malcolm. Malcolm was recently found. I will give you the story of Malcolm and his return home first, then you will understand why Malcolm's family is trying to help find Zola.

Taylor Domingue Facebook
Taylor Domingue Facebook

The owner of a yorkie named Malcolm was desperately searching for him after he went missing last week. I’m happy to say that Malcolm was FOUND and he is home SAFE. Malcolm's owner, Amelie White Harding, says Malcolm was stolen and likely sold, since they found him in Lawtell. Due to many social media shares, photos, and a lot of help searching for Malcolm, someone in Lawtell sent a screen shot of the dog to the owner asking if it was Malcolm. This is a miracle. He was brought home safe because of so many spreading the news and trying to help. Because of that, Harding wants to do everything she can to help another dog owner find her missing yorkie.

Zola is an older and larger yorkie terrier mix with a black collar and purple tag that says her name, a phone number, and an address. Zola went missing the same day as Malcolm, but Zola has not returned home. Zola’s handlers live in Summerwood Trailer Park, where Zola went missing. The location is East Peck off of Kaliste Saloom near Complete Family Dentistry. Zola had identifying tags on her so they are almost positive someone took her from the Summerwood Trailer Park area where she was last seen on January 18th. Harding says she can’t accuse anyone of taking her but since she hasn’t been seen since then, it’s very likely.

In a video that Harding posted about Zola, she says that a gray SUV may have picked up the dog, but that is not certain.

There is concern that Zola may have been stolen to sell for money or drugs. She says people are taking down all the flyers they are putting up for Zola.

Zola’s family is starting to lose hope and Harding can totally empathize with them. Harding feels compelled to help this family and is hoping their story will get shared just like hers did for Malcolm and hopefully get Zola back home safe.

A reward for Zola that started at $1,000 is now at $1,500.00. No questions asked.

If anyone has information, please call 337-298-0689 or 337-984-8753.

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