A Lafayette family is trying to find their lost fur baby. Malcolm, a little yorkie, got out of a side gate and is missing.  Malcom was initially lost from Pandora Place Subdivision which is located behind Adrien’s in Lafayette. Someone possibly spotted him on Dulles, but that is not confirmed.

The owner, Amelie White Harding, did a Facebook post pleading for help to find Malcolm.  In the post she says if you have the dog, PLEASE do the right thing and contact them. She said Malcolm requires an expensive and diligent dietary regimen. She says her family wants him to be home, healthy, and safe.

The owner has been driving around searching with no luck finding their dog. They are asking for extra eyes and any help they can get. The owner says she will do whatever she has to do to get her dog home. She has already posted more than 300 flyers in the area, posted on every local Facebook lost/found pet group, and contacted every local vet and shelter. He is microchipped.

I will do whatever I have to do to get him home. We are all a wreck over this and I hate seeing my children this upset. I can’t eat, can’t sleep.  - Amelie White Harding via Facebook

Malcolm is a regular Yorkshire Terrier that is bigger than most yorkies. He weighs about 12-13 lbs.

A REWARD will be given.

Amelie White Harding Facebook
Amelie White Harding Facebook

If you see Malcolm, please contact the owner by calling or texting 337-739-3461.

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