We received a video of a car being swarmed by bees on the north side of Lafayette, near Louisiana Avenue and Interstate 10.

While the occupants of the vehicle were safe from the bees, it's still unnerving to think that there still may be bees surrounding you when you get to your destination.

Unlike many people I know, the occupants of the vehicle remained relatively calm during their encounter.

The bees continued to swarm and never actually landed en masse on the vehicle, so the occupants made it hope beeless, and they were okay with that.

Why were the bees swarming around the vehicle? Well, it could have been a number of things.

There might have been something sweet on the vehicle. Bees search out nectar, so any sweet liquid might attract them. If an occupant of the vehicle poured a soft drink or sweet tea or something similar out of the window and some got on the car, that could attract bees. Or if the vehicle ran over a soda can or bottle, causing some of the contents to splash up onto the car.

Another scenario (which is not nearly as likely) is that the vehicle ran into a queen bee who had set out to create a new hive. Wherever that queen bee got splattered, those worker bees will probably try to congregate.

Or, most likely, it just happened to be a swarm of bees out looking for a new home. Every now and then, a queen will take her hive away from its current home in search of a new one, for whatever reason.

An important thing to remember if you ever get swarmed by bees: don't panic.

I understand: I get really nervous around bees if I am not wearing a beekeeper's suit. But when you start to panic, things go from bad to worse.

The second important thing to remember is this: don't hurt the bees.

If bees ever swarm your house or car or yard or anywhere, they are just trying to find a home. They are not out to hurt anyone. And, bees are finding it harder and harder to survive, from pesticides killing the plants they need to survive to insecticides killing the bees themselves, things are getting tough for the bee.

Call a bee handler or beekeeper to take care of your problem. Some might do it for free, others might charge a small fee, but find someone who will not harm the bees.

Not only do bees provide delicious honey, they also provide fruits and vegetables and flowers and all kinds of great things through pollination.

Bees are our friends.

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