Watch as this guy removes a hive of what he estimates to be 50,000 bees, and he does it with his bare hands like it's no big deal.

YouTube Via Yappy Beeman
YouTube Via Yappy Beeman

Yappy Beeman YouTube

They say to do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. After watching this video, it's clear Yappy Beeman is obviously doing what he loves and doing it well.

As a member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, Yappy Beeman "performs live honey bee removals in Alabama and relocates them to apiaries away from residential areas so they can rebuild and thrive as a honey bee colony producing honey" according to his YouTube channel.

In this video, Yappy Beeman responds to a call from someone needing help after they noticed a massive beehive in their yard.

By his expert estimation, this hive contains 50,000 bees.

I would think, even for a professional, tangling with 50,000 bees is a serious situation.

Watching Yappy Beeman, serious situations aren't that big of a deal it seems.

Bee Hive Removal
YouTube Via Yappy Beeman


Before he "flushes" the massive hive, he calmly reaches his hand into the hive and pulls out the queen.

Finding the queen is apparently a big part of bee removal as you'll see in the video.

By the way, Yappy Beeman does all of this with no beekeeper suit, no gloves, no mask, nothing. He doesn't even have a bee smoker to help keep the bees from swarming him.

Oh, and he's on top of his truck.

Right before he pulls the beehive down, he says "I hope they aren't mad at me".

Standing on top of a truck with nothing to protect him, it seems like it's a little too late to worry about that.

But, Yappy Beeman is no rookie, so clearly he knows exactly what he's getting into.


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