One of the top arguments between couples is the temperature of the bedroom. Men tend to like it cooler than women. Sweating is a common complaint. Many couples have even resorted to sleeping in separate beds sometimes in separate rooms. Oprah Winfrey has even spoken about how she and longtime partner Stedman Graham have had temperature issues sleeping next to each other. Rich or poor, famous or not, the temperature of the bedroom is a significant problem amongst couples.

Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine says the perfect room temperature for the best sleep is 60 to 67 degrees. Restless sleep will usually occur below 54 degrees and anything thing higher than 75.

Winter, no pun intended, states in a recent article that our body temperature fluctuates throughout a 24 hour period. High temp late afternoon, lowest temperature around 5 a. m. Therefore, a cooler room will trigger your body to fall asleep faster.

Studies have also found that a cooler room will allow your body to fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep. According to, a good night's rest will help you to lose weight and keep you looking younger as well and improve your overall health.

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