How many nights have you laid in bed, mind racing, tossing and turning because you can't fall asleep? This happens to everyone, even people who take sleep aids.

The clock is ticking, morning is approaching and you need some sleep. You've tried counting sheep, writing down the things you have to do the next day so that you can get them off your mind, warm milk, sleep aid, etc. and nothing works. Have you tried music? Seems counterproductive, doesn't it? You don't won't to dance—you want to sleep.

According to science, there are certain songs that contain just the right amount of qualities that will put you (your brain) to sleep. New scientific research has found songs in almost every genre of music that will put you to sleep. When you see the list, you might think there is no way those songs will put you to sleep, but they will. For many different reasons, the main reason is that they contain the same tempo and energy as lullabies. The list includes songs from Elton John to Led Zeppelin, Drake to Swae Lee and everything in between.

The study was conducted in the U.K. but will certainly work in any bedroom anywhere in the world. For a look at the entire study, go to

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These Are The Most Sleep-Inducing Songs:


Most Sleep-Inducing Chart Songs (Top 10)

 Most Sleep-Inducing Hip-Hop Songs (Top 10)

Most Sleep-Inducing Rock Songs (Top 10)

Most Sleep-Inducing Electronic Songs (Top 10)

Most Sleep-Inducing Classical Songs (Top 10)

Most Sleep-Inducing Country Songs (Top 10)

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