A sad song on the radio or jukebox gets under your skin and lives there a while, long after it's finished playing. Just as a happy song can move you to dance, a sad song moves you but in a very different way.

Music has a way of soothing the savage best in us. A great song can take the edge off the day, make us pause and reflect on our lives past and future, keep us at a bar longer than we wanted to be or nudge us to open up the sunroof and take a drive on a beautiful day. Music is a healer, a motivator and the greatest therapist in the world. Music is a universal art form that crosses all boundaries. Music brings people together, can stop hate in its tracks or in some cases split society down the middle—it's that powerful.

When it comes to a genre of music that is most popular for a good sad song, country music is where most people in America turn followed by older pop hits.

We asked Acadiana, "What Is the Saddest Song You've Ever Heard". Here's what you said:

#5 Harry Chapin—Cats in the Cradle

#2 (Tie) The Baby—Blake Shelton

#2 (Tie) George Jones—He Stopped Loving Her Today

#2 (Tie) Hank Williams Sr./Elvis Presley—I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

#1 Vince Gill—Go Rest High On That Mountain

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take our survey. Vince Gill's power version of "Go Rest High On That Mountain" is a very deserving choice. Gill started writing the song after the death of country music star Keith Whitley but did not finish it until the death of his brother Bob in 1993.

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