Where were you when you heard your first George Strait song on the radio? Most of us can remember that moment fairly well. That's because songs performed by George Strait have a unique way of sticking with us.

Maybe it's the melody, maybe it's the way George sings them, or maybe it's just Norma, George's wife, you know she has had a hand in almost every big hit George has ever had? No, she doesn't play or sing but she knows what she likes and George has said on many occasions that Norma's ability to pick out a hit is what helped him become the "King of Country Music"

I was rooting around on YouTube checking out some of my favorite classic country hits from King George when I stumbled across this interview. It's from 1982 and if you weren't around in 1982 let's just say styles were different.

What wasn't different was George Strait's ability to capture a crowd's attention. However, it wasn't what George said in the interview it's what the announcer said in the interview that I am not sure Norma would approve of.

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Here, you listen for yourself, it takes place at about the:44 second mark of the video as the television reporter is asking a young woman her opinion of the then rising country music star.

Did that guy really just ask a lady right there in front of the television cameras if she thought "George Strait could make a cowgirl's jeans twitch at 100 yards"? He really asked that question and the lady actually responded.

As you might imagine the young lady's response was rather flustered. We can't say for sure if it was because of the question or if she was just nervous about being on TV or just excited for a George Strait show.

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I'd like to think these were just simpler and more innocent times and based on conversations I have had with more than a few female fans of George Strait the answer to the question about the jeans seems to be a resounding yes even some 40 years further down the road.

Needless to say, George's talent and charm and okay, good looks have stayed with him all of these years and even as someone who can do that trick with the cowgirl's jeans as George can, I still think he is something special and his music has aged like fine sippin' whiskey.

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