With the local weather we're getting right now, you can hear the symphony of gumbo ladles clanking all across Acadiana. We know you love gumbo, but are you feeling brave enough to cook and eat Disney's gumbo from this recipe?


Premiere of Disney's "The Proncess and the Frog" - Arrivals
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Disney Gumbo Recipe

Disney posted a video and recipe for "Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo" based off their hit movie “The Princess and the Frog".

Immediately after it was posted, Louisianians banned together and feverishly revolted in a way that hasn't been seen or felt since the American Revolution.

What was so offensive about Disney's "Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo" recipe?

Well...what if we told you it listed ingredients such as kale and quinoa?

And it was a "gumbo" but contained no roux.


Someone even launched a White House petition: “Stop Disney from Ruining Gumbo.”

From the original petition via whitehouse.gov -

“Gumbo is important. More so even than showering after swimming at Holly Beach. Or making sure the antenna is adjusted before the Saints play so your papa doesn't get all angry at you.

It is as important as confession and tastes better than three Hail Marys and an Our Father.

Gumbo starts with a roux - it always starts with a roux - this is not debatable.”

To Disney's credit, because of the tremendous backlash from Louisianians over their gumbo wrongdoings, they promptly removed the video from their Facebook page, YouTube channel, and all social media in hopes we would eventually forget they ever mentioned it.

Well, we haven't forgotten, but maybe we can turn our frowns upside-down and have a little fun with it.

Disney Healthy Gumbo
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Disney's Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo Recipe

It seems that after Disney realized how bad they managed to screw up our beloved gumbo, not only did they delete the video recipe from all of their social media platforms, they scrubbed the entire internet to remove all traces. We can't even find the recipe simply typed out.

However, if you search "Disney's Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo Recipe" you will find an edited version they've released.

But, the recipe still calls for tomatoes.

Have no fear because the recipe can still be found in this hilarious reaction video from CajuNerd Media.

Now that you've got Disney's Gumbo Recipe in the video below, are you brave enough to cook it...and eat it? Kale, quinoa, tomatoes, thyme and all?

If you decide to give it a whirl, please let us know how it goes, and that you're still alive.


10 Commandments of Gumbo

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