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Rest In Peace, Ginger Baker [Video]
I'm a longtime Eric Clapton fan. The band that catapulted him to international stardom was Cream. The band was comprised of Clapton, bassist Jack Bruce, and Peter "Ginger" Baker on drums...
Steve Wiley's Reflections On David Bowie
Monday mornings are bad enough without the news of the passing of a cultural icon. Referring to David Bowie as a rock star is a woefully inadequate description. He was that, and a lot more, producer, songwriter, actor and performance artist.
Peter Frampton Puts Unruly Fan In His Place
It's long been a widespread policy at concert venues to forbid video & audio recording, and flash photography. Sunday night, a couple folks attending a Peter Frampton concert didn't get the message, either, until Peter took matters into his own hands.