Do you really want a significant other that looks like your parents? It may come as a surprise, but, yes you do. And now we have proof.

A study from Charles University in Prague a few years ago found that you're attracted to someone that looks like your parents. The most common traits you look for are eye and hair color.

It almost sounds a little creepy, but the study looked at 1,000 heterosexual adult couples and found that most of them subconsciously ended up with someone who looked like their parents.

The men in the study looked for someone with traits equal to their mom and the women for a significant other that looked like their dad.

You usually won't find someone who looks exactly like one of your parents so we focus on certain traits.

The experts believe it's because our first bond with humans after we are born is with our parents. We subconsciously carrier that inside of us. Our parents represent comfort, safety, love, etc., to us from the moment we're born. So it's only fitting if you think about it, that we would be attracted to someone who looked like our parents.

However, the study found all of the above to be true only if you had a happy childhood.

Are you currently in a relationship? Take a look at your significant other, in particular their eyes and hair color. If the color of each match that of one of your parents, it's no accident.

(Daily Mail)

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