Most of the time when you toss a pineapple in your grocery basket, it simply means you're shopping for pineapple. Or if you go out for a drink with a pineapple on your clothing, it's merely a fashion statement. Sounds innocent enough, right? Not always, at least not in Lafayette and surrounding areas.


To some, a pineapple, especially an upside-down pineapple, on clothing, as a flag placed out in the yard or on something as simple as a napkin in a bar could mean a swinger couple is trying to meet other swingers.

Swingers are married couples or people who have been in a long-term relationship, who seek other couples for extracurricular activities outside of marriage. A married couple looking to put a different kind of spark back into their marriage might recruit just one individual, a couple or more than one couple. A place and a date are discussed and all participants meet for a swap shop of sexual activity.

Swingers find other swingers with a secret code...pineapples. Especially an upside-down pineapple. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone wearing a pineapple is a swinger.

You can just tell. It's pretty safe to assume a person or couple displaying an upside-down pineapple are swingers. -Anonymous

Keep an eye open, you'll start to see pineapples all over Acadiana.

People put flags in their yards with pineapples on 'um. Sometimes on the porch or mailbox too They'll wear them on their clothes. They'll even buy pineapple in the grocery store and turn 'um upside-down in the basket. -Anonymous

Swingers turn pineapples upside-down in their shopping baskets.

A large swinger's party, allegedly, might include renting out an entire floor of a hotel.

Sometimes, groups, I know one in New Iberia does this, they'll rent out an entire floor of a hotel and hire security to keep watch. All the doors are left open and they just go from room to room. -Anonymous

Swingers, allegedly, have favorite bars as well.

Swingers have their favorite bars in the poor area of Acadiana and in the wealthy area as well. There are two, in particular, one even has pineapples on their napkins. -Anonymous

There are several locations in Lafayette and outside of Lafayette, allegedly, where swingers meet.

They also like to meet in Breaux Bridge and St. Martinville too. -Anonymous

Allegedly, some couples try to attract other swingers walking or driving through neighborhoods.

Some swingers like to leave the curtains open while they walk around nude in there house to attract other swingers. -Anonymous

The queen of fruit has a crown to prove it, but the pineapple is no longer just a sweet, juicy treat on a warm day. Like its friend, the eggplant, the pineapple now has a whole new meaning in Lafayette and all of Acadiana.

John Anderson's 1983 hit "Swingin'".

(UPDATE) Since this article was first published in November of 2021, an alleged former swingers club assistant manager says, "things changed".

"After the story came out, two things happened. Swingers got more cautious but they also got excited a little bit too. 'Cause now, people who would be interested in this type of activity but didn't know we had it here in Lafayette, found out it was really here. So that brought even more people to the parties," claimed the alleged former swinger club assistant manager. He went on to say, "And then, now, you got people who didn't know anything at all about swinging checking it out".

There are more swingers and more swingin' goin' on in Lafayette, Louisiana than ever. You just can't believe it. People you would never think would ever do it are doin' it. Some might live next door to you. -Alleged Former Swingers Club Assistant Manager

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