The differences between men and women, how can one even begin to comprehend them? Maybe the saying "opposites attract" is the reason for the differences in the first place. For ages, men have said they don't understand women and women have said they don't understand men. But we twisted things up a bit and asked Acadiana, "What Is Something (in general) That Men Will Never Understand?". It didn't have to be what men didn't understand about women, just what they don't understand in general. We were open to men and women answering the question. A few men answered, but not enough to even mention. Acadiana women, on the other hand, let it ALL out. Sorry guys, but it's time for the ladies to vent.

The most popular answer was, "Men will never understand women". We also received responses like, "small feet", "where the ketchup is in the refrigerator", "why women are like they are" and "why women take so long to get ready for a date".

Here are the most popular answers to the question, "What Is Something That Men Will Never Understand?" (In no particular order):

  • Women.
  • Childbirth.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Hormones.
  • Menstrual cramps.
  • Emotions.
  • When to shut up.
  • How to read or ask for directions.

Additional comments included:

Why women seem to feel the need to defend every opinion with an argument (hint: its because men systematically discredit women out of hand) -Mary D.

How much simpler life could be if they just put things back where they belong, every time. -Angela B.

How to look for something In the pantry or fridge. If it’s not right in the front of their eyes they can’t find it. -Tricia C.

Why women are like they are, considering they were only created with just one of their ribs. -Darlene C.

Thank you ladies for being truthful. And men, remember, happy wife...happy life!

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