An LSU fan found himself in trouble with the law after he rushed the court during a brawl.

During the Women's SEC Championship Game on Sunday afternoon, players from both teams, LSU and South Carolina, got into a heater altercation after a foul.

Players from both teams started pushing and shoving, and then one player for South Carolina knocked an LSU player to the floor.

Well, when the LSU player's brother saw what happened, he jumped over the scorer's table and got onto the court.


You can see security rush towards the man as he's on the court and he is quickly ushered off the court by police.

It took officials nearly 20 minutes to get things under control and review the tape on who should be ejected from the game. In all, several players from both teams were sent back to the locker room after his scuffle.

Multiple media outlets report that the man who rushed the court after his sister was hit and knocked to the ground was arrested.

South Carolina did defeat LSU to win the SEC Championship.

Watch as police arrest the man who jumped on the court in an attempt to defend his sister during this ugly scene on national television.

Here's what LSU Coach Kim Mulkey had to say about the altercation during the Championship Game on Sunday afternoon.


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