You just started dating someone and the two of you have decided to embark on a vacation together. Your first trip together sharing everything, from the bed to the bathroom. Most couples get very stressed out. and Poo-pouri polled 1000 people to find out the most stressful part of a couple's first vacation together.

The most stressful thing about going on a trip with a new significant other is pooping. Three-quarters of the people surveyed said they would do everything they could to not poop in the hotel bathroom.

Doing #2 in the same area as you're new boyfriend/girlfriend is the most anxiety-inducing part of the whole vacation. You would think it would be the cost of the trip, but that's not the case.

People do all kinds of weird stuff to avoid someone else hearing them go to the bathroom. Running water, continuing to flush the toilet, playing something loud from their phone, etc.

I cannot poop within 1,000 feet of my partner. My gut freezes up.

Katherine Schafler, psychotherapist shared some advice to to make #2 easier in front of your new significant other.

  • Schafler suggests not being rushed. Relax and take all the time you need.
  • Exercise your body and clear your head.
  • Make going #2 more comfortable. Turn on the overhead fan or whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Get rest.

Schafler reminds new couples that it is okay to smell and hear the other going to the bathroom. Embrace it.

Some people have been together for years and still have anxiety about using the bathroom around the other person. Schafler recommends if doing #2 around your significant other of many years, is still a problem, counseling may help.


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