You probably didn't hear much about it until now. About a year ago, a guy thought to be high on crack, climbed to the top of a Home Depot in Lakewood, Colorado. He starts swinging from the ceiling beams, then whips out his lighter—what happened after that is almost unbelievable.

The guy climbed up to the top of the store's merchandise and containers, two stories up, allowing him to grab hold of the ceiling beams. Acting like a gymnast, he started pulling himself up and swinging from the beams and throwing things at customers below.

YNG CJ, Youtube
YNG CJ, Youtube

Police were called and arrived to witness the man acting like a monkey, throwing wood and cursing at people. At this point, the crazed man is holding a lighter.

While police are trying to figure out how to rectify the situation without injury to the man or customers in the store, the guy holds up the lighter to the sprinkler system sensor. This activates the sprinkler system.

When a sprinkler system in a large store like Home Depot is activated, the initial force is very very strong. And the water is black and nasty.

The force of the first blast of water from the sprinkler system was so strong, that it tossed the man onto merchandise below as though he were shot out of a cannon.

Police captured him and he was arrested.

This story and video have taken almost a year to go viral. (LANGUAGE ALERT) The language in this video is not safe for work.

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