Ways To Apologize To A Woman
Men don't know how to apologize to a woman. Heck, most of the time a guy doesn't even know what he's done wrong. So today gentlemen, your old friend CJ is going to take you under his wing and give you not one, but TWO, step by step methods by which to apologize to a woman.
It's Okay For Couples To Argue, Under One Condition
Here's a message for all married couples and couples in a serious relationship. It's okay to argue! If you aren't, something is probably wrong with your relationship. However, there's a catch. You can argue, under one condition.
How To Find Out If Your Significant Other Is Cheating
How can you tell if your significant other is cheating on you? Follow the money! There are a million ways to figure out if your significant other is cheating, but the easiest and less costly method may be to follow the money trail.
Ending The Mistake That Kills Most Relationships
Let's talk about relationship challenges. Now I know what you're thinking, how in the hell can CJ give us relationship advice? Just hold your horses, I'm only the messenger. I recognize great advice when I see it. I just may not be so great at the execution.
These Are 5 Things I Think Make For A Healthy Relationship
I think I've made enough relationship mistakes in my life to be able to give advice on how to maintain a successful one. Look, I've spent the money, the time, felt the heartache and loss to the point that at 55-years-old, I think I might just know what I'm doing now. And you might s…
Top 11 Things A Woman Likes To Hear Her Man Say
When it comes to relationships, I need all the help I can get, lol. But I got to thinking, I can't be the only guy that's horrible at it. So I searched the internet high and low for things a woman likes to hear her man say to her. I've come up with the top 11.
Five Signs Your husband May Be Cheating
Finding out your spouse is being unfaithful can be devastating. Trendy Mom reports, 60% of married men get involved with another woman at some point. It may not or may not be a lasting affair, maybe just a one night stand. Statistics also indicate,the higher his income, the more likely he'll ch…

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