Your ex has a key to your place.  Is is okay for them to keep it?

You have a relationship that lasts long enough for you to give that person a key to your place.  Obviously, you trust this individual and have strong enough feelings about them to make the gesture.  But after a while, something goes wrong and the relationship falls apart.  You still care for the person but the two of you just can't make the relationship work.  Should you ask for your key back?

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Or, because they may have made a copy of your key, do you change your locks entirely?

And what if you were married, with children?  Is it simply a good idea for your ex-husband or ex-wife to have a key to your place because of safety reasons?

The experts say, if you have a problem with your ex not returning a key or suspect an they have made a copy without your permission, it's probably a good idea to change out all your locks.

If you've come across this situation in reallife or have thoughts about it, please leave your comments here or on Facebook.

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