Lafayette women are like the rest of the women around the country when it comes to wedding proposals. There's a right way and a very very wrong way to do it.

More wedding proposals are made between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day than any other time of the year. Therefore Christmas is the wedding proposal bullseye time of year. A note to men, no matter what time of year you propose to your lady, there is one way in particular that she will not like.

A recent survey has found that Lafayette women, as well as women across the U.S., are united when it comes to the way they want their men to propose.

Almost 70% of women want their wedding proposal to be in a private setting. Also, most women want their guys to pre-plan the event. Men should also know that almost 90% of women believe accepting the ring means more today than it did for their parents and grandparents. Bottom line, a wedding proposal is a really big deal to a woman in the 21st century and should go her way.

The most undesired way to propose to a woman in Lafayette or anywhere else in the country for that matter is at a public event. And never ever do it at a sporting event when the two of you are on the jumbotron or even worse, at someone else's wedding.

Sidenote gentlemen, almost 100% of women want to be involved in selecting the ring.

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