TikTok user Linda and her husband were totally amazed and shocked at what happened when they were matching swimsuits on the beach while on a recent getaway. The couple had no idea that pineapples are the global sign swingers use to attract other swingers.

Swingers are married couples or people who have been in a long-term relationship, who seek other couples for extracurricular activities outside of marriage. A married couple looking to put a different kind of spark back into their marriage might recruit just one individual, a couple or more than one couple. A place and a date are discussed and all participants meet for a swap shop of sexual activity.


Linda thought that she and her husband would look cute on the beach in matching pineapple swimwear. Neither of them had a clue that pineapples were associated with swingers. The pineapple sporting duo was mortified over the commotion the swimsuits caused.

People were a little extra nice. -linjeanw/Tiktok

Millions of people have watched the TikTok video and hundreds have commented.

"Let's take pineapples back! Let swingers use something else."

"I am not a swinger I just like pineapples damn it! lol"

Megan Moeai
"I had no idea about the pineapple thing until tiktok."

Jue Vass
"I'm going to start putting pineapples into our decor to see if the wife notices."

"At least you didn't bring a huge pineapple pool float to the local Country Club pool like we did for two years."

"I feel like they should pick something a little more obscure, pineapple stuff is too cute."

Thinking of wearing matching pineapple swimsuits with my husband on vacation because I thought it was cute. --linjeanw/Tiktok


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