An Erath couple who had been married for years died within a few hours of each other earlier this week.

Jude and Kitty LeBlanc both passed away on Monday, February 3, 2020; Kitty from complications due to heart surgery, and Jude from cancer. A note was shared on the Erath High School Alumni page:

It is often said that a couple that dies within hours of each other shows how much they didn't want to ever part. To top that touching sentiment, the couple's wishes include no services. Instead, they want people to direct their attention to their own loved ones.

They did not want a memorial or burial service. They wanted others to embrace their loved ones, instead of putting the attention on themselves. - Shana, Facebook

Mrs. Kitty was described as being a "loving, humble, and incredibly talented woman"; Mr. Jude was hailed as a "man with the best laugh. He lived his life simply by; living".

We should all aspire to live the kind of life that Mrs. Kitty and Mr. Jude shared.



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