You meet someone and they seem perfect in every way, with one exception, you don't like the sound of their voice.  Would you continue to date them?

At a gathering last week, I was in a room with 3 women and 3 men.  A television game show came on, a new show with a female host.  All 3 women asked the men in the room if they were 'into' it.  They were asking, 'cause they wanted to change the channel.  Just so happened that the guys were into it.  One of the women said, We are all going to go into another room then."  All the guys asked, why?  The general consensus was because the ladies couldn't take the sound of the female host's voice.

One of the women said, No matter how awesome that show is, I could never watch it.  Her voice is too annoying."

Host Of Press Your Luck
YouTube, iHollywood TV

One of the men at the gathering agreed that her voice was annoying and even though he could put up with it on television, he could never date her because of it.

That created a discussion about the sound of someone's voice.  Just about everyone agreed that the sound of someone's voice would be a deal breaker when it came to a relationship, no matter how perfect the person was in every other way.

Woman And Sound Waves
YouTube, Refinery29


Would the sound of someone's voice be a deal breaker for you as well?  I'd really like to read your comments.  You may leave them below or on Facebook.  I can't wait to read what you have to say about this.

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