A 20-year-old woman has Reddit users going crazy over a post she shared about her 26-year-old brother crawling into bed with her on a cold night to snuggle and stay warm. The two were caught snggling under the covers by the woman's boyfriend who freaked out.

The woman's brother was coming into town for a visit. The boyfriend knew about it. The boyfriend actually set up the spare bedroom for the brother's visit.

The boyfriend's mom became ill before the brother arrived and so he went to his parent's home to check on the mother. While he was away, his girlfriend's brother arrived. The girlfriend (sister to the visiting brother) had left the door unlocked and had fallen asleep. Her brother let himself in, woke up the sister and asked if he could crawl into bed with her because it was cold. She said yes and the two snuggled and "spooned" under the covers.

The brother and sister were awakened to the boyfriend's scream when he arrived home to find the two in bed together. The boyfriend called it weird and accused the two of incest.

Most Reddit users are siding with the boyfriend on this one. However, the comments from readers supporting the brother and sister are plentiful as well.

Here is the story posted 2 days ago on Reddit.

Comments from Reddit Readers

Now there are some Reddit users who believe this post is fake. Even if it is, a situation like this one does bring up the question, "Is this weird or not?" What do you think?

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