I Was Bullied And It Still Hurts
I was called every name you can think of. And not the good ones. I was laughed at and made fun of growing up. Tonight, I talk about growing up being bullied.
25 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When Feeling Down Part 1
This is the start of my 5 part series on how to instantly pick yourself up when you feel down. I believe in my heart of hearts, that any of these 25 things will help boost your mood the minute you try them. Use all of them or just a few!
Ron Glass Of Barney Miller And Firefly Fame Dead At 71
Ron Glass was best known to people my age as Detective Ron Harris on Barney Miller. He gained a new generation of fans with appearances on CSI and in his role as Shepard Book on the beloved science fiction TV show, Firefly.
Missing Home
Every spot around the globe has its wonders and landmarks, but in Louisiana, our weather, cuisine, and hospitality are in a league of their own!
Good food + good people = good times

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