2019 ain't got time for these things...

The new year is rapidly approaching and if you're like me, you want to enter this new chapter with as little baggage as possible. That means you've got to get rid of the clutter in your life or invest in quality items for your life. This process actually already started for me, since my husband and I moved in October. You think differently when you are moving. It's like, "Do I really want to lug this old couch to a new location?"

Get the same mindset on for tossing these eight things before the new year, as according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

1. Pillows - Lumpy, dumpy pillows that are no longer keeping you healthy or helping you sleep. Pillows need to be replaced every so often, just like the rest of your bedding. Feel free to splurge on some quality pillows to help you sleep better.

2. Clothing - Old clothes that don't fit or need to be replaced. Not everyone can just replace their entire wardrobe, but you can certainly get rid of the clothes that aren't serving you anymore. Oh, and if you pull something out of your closet that you forgot you had in the first place, donate it. No, you won't wear it one day because the tags are still on it.

3. Candles - Unfinished candles that are just sitting in a cabinet. Maybe you got sick of the scent or you jumped into a different, more seasonal scent. The likelihood of you putting a match to that wick again is slim to none.

4. Food - No, we're not encouraging you to throw out food. Anything you purchased for the holidays and did not use can easily be donated. But also go through your refrigerator and pantry to throw out anything that has expired.

5. Medicine - While you're digging through your pantry and cabinets, be sure to throw out any medications or even aspirin that has expired. This includes prescription creams, lotions and potions.

6. Towels - Like bedding, your towels have probably seen better days. Towels must be replaced when washing no longer brings them back to life. Dingy towels can be reused as shop towels or to bathe the dog, but you don't want that stuff on your face or body. I recommend you splurge on some extra fluffy ones.

7. Takeout Menus - When is the last time you dug through your junk drawer to find a delivery menu and actually ordered off of it. We have those menus on our phone and most of the time we can order through an app or online portal. Unless you're using that menu religiously, designate it as your campfire starter.

8. Mugs - Throughout the year, I always get random coffee mugs from people. They are great gifts and I enjoy having some random pieces to sip my morning caffeine out of. However, if it has no sentimental value to you or is broken/stained, get rid of it.

My bonus: I would add makeup to this list. The end of the year is a great time to take inventory of your makeup drawer. There are all sorts of powders, creams, brushes, etc that have not been touched. Not everyone realizes that makeup goes bad. You don't want to resurrect that stuff and put it on your face.

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