As Louisianians, we're born with the ability to have a good time and throw a great party anywhere we go. Also as Louisianians, we also believe we can out-drink and out-party anybody from anywhere in the U.S. If the aforementioned is true, then I think we need a recount on this list.

Which States Drink The Most Alcohol? has just released their 2021 list of "Which States Drink the Most". According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Americans drink billions, yes billions of gallons of alcohol annually. In 2018 alone America drank 7.8 billion gallons of alcohol. According to Yahoo, that equates to "2.35 gallons per person or about 501 drinks annually."

Clearly, some people and some states drink more than others, but where is Louisiana on the 2021 list?

Louisiana has to be in the top 10, maybe even the top 5 right?

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images
Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Let's start with which state drank its way to the top spot.

New Hampshire. That's right, New Hampshire apparently drinks more than any other state in these United States. The good people of New Hampshire drink an average of 4.67 gallons of beer, liquor, and wine annually.

Here's how the top 5 wound up including the average gallons of alcohol consumed annually.

1. New Hampshire - 4.67 gallons
2. Washington D.C. - 3.77 gallons 
3. Delaware - 3.52 gallons
4. Nevada - 3.42 gallons
5. North Dakota - 3.16 gallons

(The list includes all 50 states including D.C.)

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Louisiana is not in the top 5. Heck, we're not even in the top 10.

Louisiana is number 19 on the "Which States Drink the Most" list, drinking an average of 2.55 gallons of alcohol per year.

Ya know, this isn't a list we really want to be number one on but it feels like it's a list we want to be number one on.


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