Acadiana has a ton of wine drinkers, per capita, we probably have more wine stores and stores that sell wine than most cities the size of Lafayette. With so many wine drinkers in Acadiana, there's a good chance you're making big mistakes when having your favorite glass of vino.

According to Virgin Wines, many people experience wine faux pas. Like damaging the cork or mispronouncing the name of the wine you're trying to order.

Top Ten Wine Mistakes People Make With Wine

  1. Serving white wine with red meat.
  2. Damaging the cork when opening a bottle of wine. (Getting part of the cork in the wine.)
  3. Hold the glass incorrectly, by the bulb instead of the stem.
  4. Trying to order wine without knowing how to pronounce the name correctly.
  5. Putting ice in your wine.
  6. Overfilling your glass. (Wine should never be all the way to the top.)
  7. Adding water, lemonade or soda to water down your wine.
  8. Trying to get off a twist-off cap with a corkscrew.
  9. Serving white wine at room temperature.
  10. Acting like you know a lot about wine. (Using sophisticated terms.)

See the complete list of mistakes people make with wine and other wine myths here.


Picking out a great wine is difficult enough especially if you don't know that much about wines. But to pick out a great wine that's under $20 is even more difficult. Is there even a wine worth drinking that's under $20?

We asked wine drinkers in Acadiana to give us the names of wines that they would be delighted to drink and proud to serve.  Their budget was only $20 per bottle.

Bluewing, Josh, Witching Hour, Barrelhouse, Chateau Ste Michelle and Louisiana's Landry Vineyards were found to all be nice bottles of wine all for under $20.

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