I Found You A Sweet Treat Cheat Sheet
Got a sweet tooth but want to make sure you keep your candy cravings at no more than 100 calories?  I found you a sweet treat cheat sheet!  My daughter always checks the calories on labels, she likes her snacks to be about 100 calories.  And her body is pretty perfect!  So I…
Why Are Young Men Choosing Vasectomy? [Video]
I found an interesting “snippet” of information (stop laughing)…vasectomies are on the rise among young, single men!  Yep, these days more and more 20- and 30- something guys are getting snipped, apparently because of their fear of accidental pregnan…
Why Men Don’t Listen To Women
According to research, men and women really can’t communicate.  A study found that male and female brains process sound differently, and that men’s brains actually aren’t designed to listen to and understand women’s voices.