Have you made a New Year's resolution? Many people decide as the new year is getting underway to exercise, lose weight, or do random acts of kindness.

For plenty of us, we have great intentions, but we give up pretty quickly. Research has shown that only 9% of us actually keep a New Year's resolution for the how year.

So, what about the Dry January 2024 challenge that got started in 2013 in the UK. It's something that people can decide to do each January, go without alcohol for a whole month. The purpose is to have people reflect on what impact alcohol has on their lives.

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It's not uncommon for many people to decide that they will give up alcohol for Lent. With Mardi Gras falling on Tuesday, February 13 this year, one could argue that going alcohol-free could start now and run through Easter which is Sunday, March 31 this year.

KPLC spoke to Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Eric Rachal about the benefits of taking this challenge and sticking to it. He told them,

There's definitely an improvement in your mental health, socialization, and health benefits of your skin and hair improving.

Why Do People Take the Dry January Challenge?

According to USA Today, 90% of people want to see some health benefits from halting drinking. Morning Consult, who did the study says 73% of the people they spoke to said they were looking to save some money.

The research shows that people who take the Dry January Challenge tend to drink less for the remainder of the year.

Health researchers say the following are some of the things people say change when they have taken the challenge:

  • People report better sleep
  • People report losing weight
  • People report having more energy
  • People report being in a better mood
  • Doctors say it lowers cholesterol
  • Doctors say it lowers blood pressure

What Do You Do Instead of Drinking?

Other groups are also weighing in on the best ways to survive a sober January.

Are you considering this challenge? Make sure you lets us know in the comments if you have taken this challenge or are considering doing so.

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