Every spot around the globe has its wonders and landmarks, but in Louisiana, our weather, cuisine, and hospitality are in a league of their own!

Good food + good people = good times

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    Well, all seafood, really. Although crawfish top the list, it's hard not to think about fresh, delicious Gulf of Mexico oysters, shrimp, and fish when you order seafood anywhere else!

  • University of Louisiana via facebook
    University of Louisiana via facebook


    We complain about our thick, sticky, damp air, but when our hair gets the uncontrollable flyaways, our nose gets so dry it hurts, and we're thinking about earthquakes and tsunamis, we miss that sweet Louisiana humidity.

  • Nimbeauxs via facebook
    Nimbeauxs via facebook

    Rice and Gravy

    Ah, the plate lunch. It's just not the same when a meal comes with a side of noodles or even worse, plain white rice with no gravy! Why would anyone serve any meat with anything but rice and gravy?

  • festivalinternational.com & flickr user: pluto665
    festivalinternational.com & flickr user: pluto665

    Free Music

    In Louisiana, we party at the drop of the hat. But that doesn't necessarily mean going to a nightclub and dropping a hundred bucks on a cover charge and a couple of cocktails. There are so many events and festivals here where you can enjoy free live music! AND you can drink your beer in the street while you dance!

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    Go pretty much anywhere in Louisiana and you will be welcomed with open arms. Take Festival International, for example; it's four days of free music in Downtown Lafayette. You'll meet people of every color, creed, and nationality, and everyone is having a bon temps- together!

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