When you're young all you want to do is grow up and have more freedom and responsibility but when you're older you want the exact opposite.

Becoming a responsible young adult isn't easy. After college, the real world can hit you and hit you hard as you're probably living with your parents and looking to put that hard-earned college degree to work or just trying to make some sort of money.

While in college you rely upon snacks, frozen food/meals, dining halls, and cafeteria food to get you by, well and beer, lots and lots of beer.

As you work past your college years and either realize you don't want to eat frozen foods or meals all of the time and the option for dining hall food is no longer an option you've got to learn to fend for yourself.

Once you've finally found that first real job and you're ready to move out on your own you've really got to learn to fend for yourself which includes cooking. Going out to eat for most meals is a great way to blow through money so if you want to save money you should definitely learn your way around the kitchen and to cook.

Now, there are many kitchen appliances that make taking on this new, scary venture a little bit easier for you depending upon what you're cooking.

Below I've compiled a list of nine items you should familiarize yourself with in order to make your cooking life not only easier but more expansive and impressive (if you're looking to impress a special someone of course).

So, as they say, let's dig in.


The Nine Small Appliances Every Young Adult Needs


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