I saw a friend's post on Facebook asking if anyone knew where she could get Magnalite pots because she couldn't find any new ones online.



If you notice at the bottom of the photo above, Overstock.com turns into outofstock.com when it comes to Magnalite pots.


Another major retailer, Walmart, is also out of Magnalite stock. Walmart is the country's largest retailer, and no Magnalite products.


The 2nd largest retailer in the US, Amazon, is also out of Magnalite pots.

What gives? Is it that more people find themselves at home during the pandemic and they decided to replace their cookware with the "good" stuff?

I tried to research Magnalite to find out if the product is still being manufactured and, if so, where it is being manufactured and, frankly, I didn't find anything conclusive. The closest I found was a Wiki article that said, as of 2014, the product was still being manufactured.

Did Magnalite, like so many other great American products, get sold to an overseas company? Or did the manufacturing facility move overseas?

If you know, chime in, because my (43-second) search didn't discover much information.

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